breakdown of the different styles of bridal bouquets

Few things are more iconic than the bridal bouquet when it comes to wedding flowers. This is one aspect that wedding brides love most. Many brides dry or press their bouquets after the big day, so they can keep those beautiful petals for many years. There are so many options, so how can you choose the right style for your wedding? Learn the details of these six classic bridal bouquet styles to help you choose the right stems. Pageant Bouquet and Presentation Bouquet It is the following The bouquet style is typically longer and has shorter stems.

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It’s a great choice for modern boho weddings. These bouquets are perfect for brides who love the look of long stems but want something extra lush and dreamy.

  • Consider these things: While presentation bouquets are stunning for photographs, they are not practical for walking down aisles.

Hand-Tied Bouquet

  • What it is: Hand-tied bouquets are typically tied off by ribbons or twine, with stems left showing at the bottom for that “fresh-picked-flowers” feel. These bouquets are usually full of a variety of flowers and greenery, and tend to be looser than round ones.

It’s a great choice for brides who want something unique and wild. This style is great for outdoor ceremonies in the forest or garden.

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  • Consider this: These bouquets can be heavy! Hand-tied bouquets are meant to look lush, and can often contain tons of greenery and flowers. They can therefore be quite heavy to transport for long periods.

Cascading Bouquet

It is called cascading bridal bouquets. They are arrangements that cascade down (like a waterfall). Imagine wispy vines that stretch forward in front your hands.

  • This bouquet will be loved by: You are the queen of all things dreamy and whimsical! This waterfall shape is feminine and fairytale-like and can be used for beautiful garden weddings as well as classic cathedral weddings. A cascading bouquet can be a great way to tie together all your floral arrangements, especially if you have a lot of greenery and vines.
  • Consider these things: Cascading bridal bouquets can be quite striking by themselves. They don’t usually go well with elaborate wedding gowns as they can be overwhelming. They’re a great way to finish a simple, elegant bridal look.

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Round Bouquet

  • It’s simple: Round bridal bouquets can be described as just that: round. Round bouquets can be made up of one type of flower or multiple types of flowers in a single color and arranged in a perfect dome. The silk ribbon is used to wrap the stems tightly.
  • It will be loved by everyone: Are you looking for the most elegant and timeless of all bridal bouquet styles This is it. Round bouquets are a classic choice for weddings. This bouquet will be your best friend, whether you are wearing a traditional, formal gown or a princess ball dress.
  • Considerations: A classic round bouquet will be a centerpiece at your wedding. You’ll need to ensure that it matches the overall theme of the event. Round bouquets are most striking when they are monochromatic, or contain only one type of flower. They look best when kept small to medium-sized.

Posy Bouquet

It is a smaller sister to a round bouquet. Posy bouquets are usually meant to be held in one handed and given to grandmothers, mothers or bridesmaids to help them walk down the aisle. They are arranged in a dome-shaped arrangement, just like a traditional round bouquet.

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  • It’s perfect for: Brides looking for something petite and elegant that doesn’t overpower their gown will love an elegant, posy bouquet.
  • Considerations: These are typically smaller bouquets that are used for bridesmaids. You might consider doing a floral mockup to make sure the posy bouquet you choose is appropriate for your look.