These are the Pros and Con’s of Hiring a Professional Photographer for a Proposal

While you will always be able to recall the moment your partner proposes, details such as your expressions and what you wore may fade with time. What’s the solution? The solution? Do you think about hiring a professional photographer for your engagement photos? These are the pros and cons of hiring a professional photographer to capture your engagement.

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Pro: You can look back at the precious memories.

Most women feel mixed emotions right after their partner proposes. They will often tune out the world around them. The bride-to be might forget some details because she will be so focused on her new ring and her fiance. The photographer can capture every little detail, such as the backdrop and weather, forever.

Con: It is possible to take the bride off guard.

Many women wouldn’t dare participate in a photoshoot-especially one as substantial as an engagement shoot-without brushing their hair and applying a swipe of lipstick. A surprise proposal means that a bride will not have the time to do her hair or make sure she is looking great. You can schedule an engagement session later if you are worried that she will be unsatisfied with her post-work frizz and chipped manicure. Alternately you could plan your proposal at a time you both know will be dressed up.

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Pro: The photos can be used on your wedding stationery.

Proposals are filled with love and raw emotion. This makes for very touching photos. Couples can make the most of the images by including them on their save-the-dates or wedding invitations.

Con: Stick with your original plan.

Did you tell your photographer that he should hide in the bushes at 8 pm? You need to be on time. A professional will help you stick to a schedule, even if your bride-to be wants to change.

Pro: Loving ones can share the moment.

Your family and friends will be curious about the details of your proposal after you get engaged. Professional photos will be a useful visual aid. It is more effective to show pictures than try to describe your fiance’s rose petals pathway.

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Con: It might not look perfect.

There is a possibility that the events leading to the proposal could go wrong. You might find your partner in a bad mood or have bad experiences at a restaurant. You can’t just move the proposal to another night if you have hired a photographer. It’s smart to always have a backup plan.

Pro: Your vision will be realized by the photographer.

Photographers are skilled at capturing the perfect shot. Ask for help with lighting, location and decorations. The photographer may have had to witness many proposals before and might have some suggestions for making it all go smoothly.

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Con: It is an additional expense.

You will probably pay hundreds to hire someone to prepare your proposal. You can get several estimates to see if your finances are in order and then decide if you have the budget. It may be worth spending a little extra to capture your once-in a lifetime proposal.