We wish the happy couple all the best! After you have had a wonderful time celebrating with your loved ones, it is time to begin planning for your wedding. There are likely to be questions about how long it takes to plan a marriage or what you need to do to make it happen. You’ll find everything you need to create a checklist and timeline for every step of the wedding planning process.

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First, wedding planning can be as complicated as you want. Do you want to say “I do” next week? Great, let’s hustle! Do you prefer to relax and enjoy your engagement? It’s okay. Most couples plan their wedding between 10 and 15 years in advance. The timeline below can be used as a guide. You can adjust your milestones as necessary.


It all depends on you and your partner. While some prefer to live the engaged life, others may want to start the planning process sooner and set a date. Keep in mind that some venues can be booked up to a year in advance. This could impact your timeline.

You can choose a date for your wedding that is at least two years away if you want to take some time to enjoy the new relationship. This will allow you to plan your wedding in plenty of time without feeling rushed.

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You can either picture your wedding or create a Pinterest board that contains all your ideas. Which season do you envision getting married? Do you want to go with a band, or a DJ? Are you looking for something more traditional and romantic or more modern and unique? Are you using a large white wedding cake, or multiple tiers of cupcakes for your reception? Are there any particular themes related to secret gardens or winter wonderland?

This step allows you to think deeply about how you want your wedding to look and what style styles you like. After you’ve settled on a theme or style, make two lists. The first list includes the essential items, such as a venue, music, cakes, flowers, and tuxes. The second is the items you want, but it’s okay if they aren’t available. For example, personalized candy at each place setting. It’s now time to think about where and when you want to get married.


It might seem that booking the venue or touring it now is too early. However, venues sell out quickly and some people book years ahead.

Book your venue as soon as possible to lock in your price, confirm your location and send save-the-date cards to all the important vendors.


When it comes time to choose the right season for your wedding, it is important that you know your style. Talk to the venue team about their availability and how you can create your vision in each season. You might consider a garden location, with a focus on the spring or summer. If you love orange/red/dark colors, you might choose a Colorado location for a winter or late fall wedding.

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If you love green and want a summer-themed wedding, what options are there? You might choose a combination of bright yellow and green, with a touch of pink. You can adjust your style to suit any season, or we suggest that you choose Arizona because it has beautiful venues for the summer 12 months of the year.

It’s crucial to set a budget once you have decided on the day and time for your wedding.


It is a smart idea to estimate the cost of everything, even if you are not paying for it.

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This can be done by either creating an Excel spreadsheet, or asking your venue team for a customized price proposal that covers all your needs and your wants. It is easy to decide your wedding budget when you have multiple proposals.