A spooky Halloween theme wedding is a great idea if you and your fiance enjoy moody thunderstorms. Although skulls and pumpkins are great gothic decorations, it’s time to stop taking this theme too literally. Dark and moody colors, dark purple accents, dramatic lighting, dramatic candles, pomegranates and decor inspired by nature are all possible. A wedding that is as unique as you will be can celebrate your beautiful, intimate relationship. To help you create the dream alternative wedding, we’ve gathered our top gothic and glam ideas.

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The color scheme is the most obvious element of a gothic theme wedding. The classic black and orange are always options, but there are so many color options that you can choose from to create a moody, beautiful wedding. These are our top colors to inspire your wedding decor.

Midnight Black on Black: This dark, true black is the perfect color for a Gothic-wedding. Monochromatic black layers can be dramatic for a regal, gothic look. Add depth and interest to your look with textures such as sequins and lace, velvet, and satin.

Marbled Gray, Gold and Marbled Black: This bold color palette emphasizes texture. Multiply your marbled patterns into your linens, florals and accent pieces. For a cohesive, beautiful design, go all-in. This real-wedding at Rosehill Cemetery is our favorite.

Muted Fall Gold Tones: If you want a classic, yet romantic, Halloween-themed wedding, consider using the natural colors of fall like amber, gold and burnt orange.

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Deep Bordeaux & Black: Combine your favorite red wines with darkest chocolates to create your color palette. It’s romantic, beautiful, and sultry. This gorgeous gothic wedding uses vintage trinkets and books to enhance the look.

Black, white, and berry red: White can be used in Gothic wedding decor as long as it is balanced with bright accents and bold black decor. For a playful twist on traditional gothic style, we love to combine black, white, and berry colors.

Dark Jewel Tones: A carefully chosen mix of dark jewel colors is the ideal setting for a gothic-themed, romantic wedding. You can choose tones such as blood red, bordeaux and deep plum.


Pay attention to the unique style of your chosen wedding photographer before you hire them. You want a photographer who can capture the moody, dark details of your nuptials. Once you have booked your wedding photographer, you should be honest about your vision and what you want to see captured. A Pinterest photography mood board is a great way to get inspiration for your photographer before your big day.

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These styles of wedding photography are best suited to a macabre marriage.

Dark & Moody: This style focuses on drama and is ideal for a gothic theme wedding. Photographers will use darker editing styles, such as dark shadows and unique lines.

Fine Art: A fine-art style is known for its ability to capture bright colors. A fine art style of photography may be the perfect choice to commemorate your special occasion, depending on your personal color preferences.

Editorial: This is exactly how it sounds. Editorial photography looks more magazine-ready and posed than it actually is. Editorial photography is great for a fun and dramatic wedding.


Location, location, location! The perfect backdrop is essential for a romantic, gothic wedding. Some venues are perfect for the macabre style, dramatic colors and gothic decor. These are our top picks:

Historic Mansion: It is said that many historic mansions are haunted. This makes them the perfect setting for spooky celebrations. You can’t go wrong when you combine the charming architecture and vintage decor with the well-maintained gardens. For a dark and mysterious wedding day, add dramatic lighting and a fog maker.

Enchanted Forest: Nature creates the atmosphere at forest-studded wedding venues, complete with dramatic shadows and a built-in soundtrack. Boulder Creek, Black Forest, and Granite Rose are some of our favourite forest venues.

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Elegant Ballroom: This elegant ballroom-style venue is decorated with vintage accents and decadent linens. This is the ideal setting to celebrate your favorite movies. We love this Tim Burton-inspired wedding. Or a dark and moody, glamorous masquerade ball.