Top Features of FDCI India Couture

The FDCI India Fashion Week 2019 was a successful event that featured many things. The runway was a bigger picture, with trust designs, diversity, inclusion, and other important aspects. Conversations grew around the innovative and fresh demonstrations. All of this led to confidence, much like designers Sunet Varma and Pankaj encourage.

Here is a breakdown from Day 1 through Day 7 of FDCI Indian Couture Week 2019.

Day 1: Monday 22 July 2019, 2019

Time: 9:30 pm Amit Agarwal

Day 2: Tuesday 23rd of July 2019, 2019

Time: 9:30 pm DLF Emporia & Mehta & Sons Present Suneet Varma

Day 3: Wednesday, 24th July, 2019

Time: 8:00 PM Pankaj & Nidhi. (Jewellery by House of Aynat).

Time: 9:30 PM Visit MONACO Presents Rahul Mishira

Day 4: Thursday 25th July 2019, 2019

Time: 8:00 pm Sulakshana Monga

Time: 9:30pm Shyamal and Bhumika

Day 5: Friday 26th July 2019, 2019

Time: 8:00 PM Archana Aggarwal Timeless Jewelry Presents Reynu Tadon

Time: 09:30 pm Falguni Shane Peacock

DAY 6: Saturday 27th July 2019, 2019

Time: 8:00 PM Gaurav Gupta Occasions Fine Jewellery

Day 7: Sunday 28th July 2019, 2019

Time: 8:00 pm Swarovski Presents Tarun Tahiliani

Day 1 Highlights from FDCI India Couture Week 2019,

Amit Aggarwal:

Amit Aggarwal’s 2019 couture collection at FDCI India Couture week was clearly a treat. It was his best work yet. The collection began with a series hand-crafted, 3d reimagined embroideries. These designs were then transformed into a current type of bio-mimicked styles and motifs. You will also find a variety of rich-textures, as well as a stunning blend of visible treats.

Another spectacular moment was when Kiara Advani was the show-stopper for your designer’s couture collection. She wore a stunning red textile outfit and paired it with jewellery from Narayan Jewels.

Day 2 Highlights from FDCI 2019 ICW:

Sunet Varma

Sunet Varma is a master of the assortiment. But the FDCI India Couture Week 2019 proved that his style skills are not limited. Varma managed to create a romantic wedding look among a variety of intricate icy hued ensembles. Other standouts included pastel-colored dresses, which marked a distinct departure from the standard red and pink bridal wear.

The designer was able to experience this at the event. She should be able to dance and drink champagne on her D-Day.

Day 3 Highlights from FDCI 2019 ICW:

Pankaj & Nidhi:

Pankaj and Nidhi, husband-wife duo debutants, kept the theatrical style fire ablaze at FDCI India Couture Week 2019. Designer Pankaj and Nidhi, a husband-wife duo, highlighted hand-cut appliques. She also researched Trapunto quilting using an avant-garde approach. Pret collections were made with duchess silk and little lattice work.

Aditi Rao Hydari made a huge entrance wearing a weightless, wistful outfit that was related to House of Aynat jewellery. This beautiful juxtaposition gave value to their roots while still leaving a lot to be said by the designers.

Rahul Mishra:

Designer Rahul Mishra’s design DNA includes 3D, design and shade. Also, cut with white is a key component. Rahul Mishra’s couture collection for 2019 was an ode of nostalgia. Their vision for FDCI India Couture week 2019 was to show the perks of living and working in a modern town.

The couture week featured gendaphool fauna and genda phool cranes, as well as ducks and cranes flying in the water. There were also spectacular pictorial panoramas. Mishra was inspired by the display to create painterly images. He also displayed his love for the current season.

Day 4 Highlights from FDCI, ICW

Sulakshana Monga:

Banaras is the central theme of Sulakshana Monga‚Äôs ICW collection. It almost looked like an authentic examination with her signature bank twinkle and ethnic landscape. This designer clearly thought more about Radha-Krishna’s design. Monga used art emblems and bridal lehengas, complete with booties.

The collection was designed to encourage exploration and creativity. The result is a show-stopper like Malaika Arora. The actual styles seem pointedly seamed with the modern Indian bride in mind.

Shyamal & Bhumika

Designer duo had a very floral and flounce perspective, focusing on what Indian women could wear today. Shyamal and Bhumika’s 2019 runway featured a mix of cutwork edges, feminine florals, embroidered posts with zari, natural wild silks, and fragile cutwork edges. Kriti Sanon, the stunning model for your husband-wife designer couture collection 2019, for beautiful girls.

Day 5 Highlights

Reynu Tandon

This is her fifth appearance at ICW 2019, and it marks her 20th anniversary in fashion. She displayed exquisite features of both shirt-like lehengas and hand-woven Chanderi. Rakul Preet, the lovely Rakul Preet, created her couture collection, The Savannah Saga.

Falguni Shane Peacock:

This is the second trip of the designer-duo to the ICW, featuring a stunning couture collection. Sara Ali Khan, a ramp debutant, was the show-stopper for their or her collection and also provided un-fussy support.

Day 6 Highlights

Gaurav Gupta:

Designers are concerned with designs that will not sound like a book. The line is both fit and sophisticated, with a focus on style. The designer’s couture collection was displayed at the ICW Week. It was delicate, but it featured smart creating and bright jewels.

Diana Penty walked the ramp, presenting a design that embodied power and creativity.

Day 7 Highlights

Tarun Tahiliani:

Tarun Tahiliani and his disposition collection, Bloom provided a perfect closing to the FDCI Indian Couture Week 2019. The line was inspired by the youthful, energetic bride and featured distinctive silhouettes, well-organized drapes, as well as rich renderings of someone who wants to be themselves on her wedding day. You can find anarkalis, lehengas, and saris in a variety of vibrant colours, including whites, oranges, and even anarkalis. They also have anarkalis with a wonderful feel. Although their strategy was quite different from what is generally seen on the runway, it was a refreshing change.

These are the highlights of FDCI India Couture Week 2019. We hope you enjoyed them.