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How to handle every argument based on your partner’s Zodiac Sign

WeddingHow to handle every argument based on your partner's Zodiac Sign

Even in the most loving and healthy relationships, disagreements are part of living with someone else. You’ll likely learn to manage your partner’s differences over time. Another way to get to know the person you have vowed to love is to learn how to communicate with them. Get to know their star sign. Kim Tigar, astrologer who has studied the celestial bodies for over 40 years, was asked by us to share her best advice for handling an argument that is based on when your partner was born. Here are her suggestions for each sign.

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If you are married to an Aries…

Aries is a fire sign. You’ll find passion in your Aries spouse. Tigar says that all that heat can come with a fast temper. They can be set off by the smallest of things, but they will likely let their anger go as quickly as it came. Tigar recommends approaching conversations and topics gently to help reduce the intensity of disagreements. They like to be in control, so let them lead the conversation. She explains that if you try to control them, they will get more upset.” Instead? Instead, let them have their peace, and then calmly tell them what is bothering you.

If you are married to a Taurus

The Taurus bull is the most popular character. Tigar notes that this Earth sign is strong, reliable, and loyal but can also be stubborn. Tigar states that when they are faced with a disagreement, most of the time, they will shut down and refuse talk about it. Tigar says that the key to getting them to engage in productive conversations, rather than being silent, is your tone of voice. You need to keep them calm and encourage them talk about their problems. Try to keep your voice low and say something like “We need to talk about that.” She suggests that you share as much as you can, but she is available to listen when you are ready.

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If you are married to a Gemini…

If you are married to a Gemini, it is important to enjoy some chit-chat at every meal, travel, and morning. Geminis are ruled by communication and it is one of their most valued qualities. However, if they are in the middle of a dispute, it is best to wish them luck. They will attempt to talk you out of an argument, and they won’t stop trying. Tigar states that they will just continue to escalate it in order to prove a point. Tigar says it is better to let them speak it out until they are finished and stop trying to be right. You can then say that you need space and time to think about it.

If you are married to a Cancer…

When you are arguing with your water sign love, be gentle and thoughtful. Cancers are creative and can be very home-oriented. However, their kind heart can also make them sensitive. Tigar states that they can clam up during arguments or get emotional and start to yell. You should not push them and, if they feel that you are, stop pushing. You’ll quickly hurt their feelings and cause them to feel very hurt. Tigar suggests that you hug your partner after you have won the fight. This will show them how much you love them.

If you are married to a Leo

What will you love about being married with a Leo? You will feel like the main attraction in the room, even though they are brightening up the place. Marrying your Leo partner will be a wonderful adventure. They are loving and generous. But you should not let their egos get in the way. Tigar said, “You’re always going to be wrong no matter what you do because they are right, and you’re wrong.” This is how Leos view it. This is why it’s important to be careful with your words during a fight. Tigar suggests Tigar’s “compliment sandwich” strategy: “Appeal their ego by addressing their concerns, paired together with a compliment in order to keep the disagreement civil.”

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If you are married to a Virgo…

You won’t have many things to worry about if you marry this type-A earth sign. They are meticulous, organized, and detail-oriented. You can be sure they will keep financial planning in mind. They will also want your home to run smoothly. Tigar says that Virgos will examine every word you speak and will then want to discuss it all until they are exhausted. You should not give too much information to Virgos, or you will be debating for hours. Instead, focus on one point and keep your sentences short. This will help you stay focused while you talk. A Virgo isn’t likely to be emotional but they won’t give up.

If you are married to a Libra…

Libras are centered on you. Because Libra is an air sign that rules relationships, they place the highest priority on your marital union. If you are angry or frustrated with your Libra spouse, you may find them shutting down. Tigar says that once they are able to have a conversation, it will be crucial for them to see that their disagreements are fair and balanced. She explains that Libras must be treated with respect. You should approach it gently and thoughtfully, but still be kind and reassuring.

If you are married to a Scorpio…

Scorpio is one of the most bold signs in the zodiac. However, you might be surprised to learn that it is actually a water sign. Scorpios are fiery, but intensely emotional. Tigar recommends setting the stage for success when you bring up sensitive topics with Scorpio partners. You need them to be happy and in the right mindset when you are talking about something. She says that if they don’t, they will get overwhelmed and it will be a knockdown, drag-out battle.” Pick a calm place like a candlelit dinner at your home with their favorite food and wine.

If you are married to a Sagittarius…

This fun-loving, freedom seeking sign is a paradox. They will be angry at you many times throughout the day but eventually forget about it. Tigar suggests that focusing on your spouse’s brighter qualities, such as being happy-go lucky and adventurous, is the best way to fight with them. Tigar suggests that they go for a walk, or go outside to make them feel more at ease and more open to discussing the matter. Tigar says, “Just don’t make them fight each other. This will only make them angry and irritated.”

If you are married to a Capricorn…

Your Capricorn partner will take over your life in a flash if you allow them to. They are self-motivated and self-reliant and can be quite intelligent. Tigar states that they are used to being in control and will struggle if they don’t agree with something. Be prepared with facts and be ready to defend your position without losing your cool. You can’t make them feel bad. It will only be a way to engage their ego. Therefore, it is better to present facts and not emotional arguments.

If you are married to an Aquarius…

Spoiler alert: Your Aquarius partner will not be able to handle your emotions if you get emotional or cry in front of them. Tigar suggests waiting until your emotions are under control before you approach the conversation. She says, “They love to analyse things so give them the facts and not be dramatic.” They will freeze if you are upset or have an outburst.

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If you are married to a Pisces…

Pisces are an impressionable water sign and will pick up on any clues you send their way. It’s crucial to control your emotions and pay attention to how your partner is feeling. If you get too excited, they will become very dramatic, cry easily, and eventually fall apart. They will crawl into a hole, pout and cry. Tigar suggests that they could be martyrs. Instead? Instead, calm them down and bring the conversation back later if they become hypersensitive.

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