Wedding with Kids: You can have the best of both worlds

Destination Weddings for the Whole Family: How to Make the Adults Have a Great Time and Keep the Kids Happy

You can keep everyone happy:

There is a solution! You can host a destination wedding in many places and still make the children happy.

These are the steps to take in order to find the ideal location and destination for your children and yourself.

Choose a Destination that Makes Sense

Let’s face facts, the location is the most important aspect of a destination wedding! Destination weddings are the reason you chose them! It is important to consider a

It is best to choose a location that is easy to reach. It is best to choose a location with many direct flights. If you need more than one connection, it is not ideal.

If you’re traveling with children, we don’t recommend it. Also, you want to choose a safe location with easy access to all the activities and events.

What your group will be doing. It is essential to have transportation to the locations where you will be having rehearsal dinner for grandparents and children who are very young.

The wedding reception, the after party and the welcome party are all included.

Choose a resort that fulfills both of these needs

Once you’ve narrowed down your destination, it’s time to decide where you want to stay with your guests. You should pay attention to these important points

If you’re looking for a resort where you can have your wedding and also involve children, this is the place to look.

Find a resort:

It has a strong reputation for offering amazing adult amenities and specializing on what children desire. Look out for resorts with kid clubs or zones.

Look for “adult options” that include great restaurants, fitness centers and spa treatments. Also, look out for large pools, great beaches, and great restaurants.

Book a resort in a place that offers safe and easy excursions for guests of all ages and fitness levels. Your guests might prefer to sit and relax.

You can relax on the beach, and you don’t need to go anywhere. That is also okay. You should ensure that the resort has enough space to accommodate all your guests.

You should look for resorts with great perks such as a variety of a-la-carte restaurants, 24-hour room service, nightly entertainment, spa services, and, as I said, great amenities.

Above, daily activities and kids clubs.

You can make some activities kid-friendly

You can still have some parts of your wedding without children, even if you are having the children at the resort. Some brides prefer that the reception and ceremony be for adults only.

While the children are at a kids club or with a sitter, Many resorts that cater to adults and children have their own child care system. They also employ professional nannies or have a sitter.

The resort may recommend a child care service. If you have any concerns about what you require and how much it will cost, let the resort know.

This is what you should request. It will allow your children’s guests to save money or arrange to have a babysitter.

With them. While you are not required to pay for the child care of your guests, it is a good idea to offer your support.

Kids Party

A few resorts offer separate parties for children while the adults have their fun at the wedding reception. The party for children will have adult supervision

There may be video games, movies, crafts and a Dj to entertain the children. A kids party is often held near the resort.

Adult reception so parents can check in on their children quickly if necessary. These are additional costs and you may require that the children attend the party.

Then you might need to pay for it. Parents will enjoy the idea of the children attending a separate party. They know the children are having fun and that they are safe.

They can have fun and relax. Parents will often tip their staff and offer to pay the bill if they are informed in advance.

Include the Kids

You may find it important to include your children as often as possible in destination wedding venues. If you choose a destination wedding resort that has children, it is important to include them.

The kids can be included in certain activities. You have many options to include your children in a destination wedding. You can:

Let someone else throw the flower petals during your ceremony

  • Enjoy some bubble blowing during the ceremony
  • Let some people read a particular passage
  • Let them pass out your wedding favors
  • Greeting your attendees
  • If you are old enough to take photos,
  • Some remind your guests that they must sign the guestbook.

You could also include your children in the ceremony by having them perform other jobs. For help in finding roles that will benefit the children, ask your resort wedding planner.

The destination wedding ceremony can be used by children. You can also set up arts and crafts to keep children engaged if they are present at the reception. A can be set up for a

A separate buffet for children is available with kid-friendly foods like chicken nuggets and hamburgers.