Five tips to create the perfect wedding cakes

Pink and purple flowers for a wedding cake

Your wedding cake is an important part of your day. You want it to look beautiful as well as taste delicious. Here are some tips to help make your wedding cake order successful.

Research bakeries

It is important to find a bakery that has received great reviews from past brides. Search online for recommended bakers or ask friends and family. If you’ve ever eaten a wedding cake that was so delicious it was “melt-in-your-mouth” delicious, ask your friends and family where they got their cake. You can narrow your search by checking the Better Business Bureau to verify that the bakery has no negative reviews.

Try the cake

After narrowing down your search, call the bakery to inquire when you are available for a tasting. Many bakeries can serve their cakes at wedding shows. The flavor of the cake will be important. The filling and frosting are also important decisions. You have two options for frosting: buttercream (a creamy icing usually made with creaming butter, sugar and sugar) and fondant (a thicker paste with sugar and milk). You should taste them both to appreciate the differences.

Design considerations

A new trend in wedding cakes is to model your cake after your bride’s dress. Take a look at samples of cakes that the baker has made to get an idea about their style. You can ask them if they can make a particular design for you or if they have any suggestions. The baker can even see the colors of your bridesmaid gowns to match sugar flowers or ribbons. Consider the cake topper. Many people are looking for something other than the traditional figurines of the bride and groom at the top. Instead, they want a design or fresh flower topper.

Traditional tradition dictates that the top tier is kept, sealed in an airtight container, and frozen for the couple’s one-year anniversary. Check with your bakery to see if they will assist you in this process or offer a fresh cake for your first anniversary.

Size of the cake

Ask your baker what number of layers the cake should contain to be able to accommodate all the guests. Even if you love the idea of a three-layer cake, your guest list requires five layers. Discuss your options with your baker. A sheet cake can be substituted for the display cake. Sheet cakes can be a great way to save money.

Cake setting

Your wedding’s centerpiece will be your cake. A table for your cake will be a focal point of your wedding. You can decorate the table using different fabric and flowers. Ask your baker for details about the other services they offer. Talk to your baker about which table size is best for your cake.

We hope you find this list of questions helpful in helping you choose the right cake for your needs.

Even the best planning can fail. Your cake designer might damage your wedding cake on its way to you venue or not show up for your wedding day. That’s why we recommend you get wedding insurance.

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