Black Wedding Cake: Ideas that Will Make a Statement

There are no set rules when it comes to the color of wedding cakes. A black wedding cake is a great way to surprise your guests and make them happy. Modern wedding cake trends emphasize originality and personalization. This is the perfect time to experiment and use a moody color scheme. Black cakes are possible, and you don’t need to have a New Year’s Eve or Halloween themed wedding to make them.

You may choose a black wedding cake. If so, you can work with your pastry chef or caterer to design a custom-made design. Your professional will help you make your black wedding cake dreams come true, whether you want intricate hand-painted accents or tiers that reach the sky.

We’ve collected 13 black wedding cake designs to help you get started. Make a list of your top details and send them to the professionals to help you create a memorable cake.

  • Contrasting Florals

Contrasting floral accents will make your black wedding cake stand out. This large white flower stands out against the black fondant and shimmering golden foil. Bright decorations can lighten the color palette if you are concerned that a black wedding cake may look too dark.

  • Modern Geodes

Your will captivate your guests with its icy geodes. This three-tier cake is a focal point of the reception thanks to its unexpected texture and dimension.

  • Custom Cake Topper

A black wedding cake is a striking choice. But, a unique cake topper can make it stand out. This couple made their stand out with bright flowers and greenery. But the custom motorcycle topper is what steals the show.

  • Gradient Hues

Bold designs for wedding trends cakes don’t have to be limited to fondant decorations and buttercream frosting. You can go a little bit out of the box with ombre gradients in black and gray. This is a favorite because it features fresh flowers and gold foil foil.

  • Abstract Lines

With abstract black lines all over, transform your confection into a work-of-art. This modern design is great for couples who don’t want a monochrome cake. This simple black motif will leave a lasting impression.

Blackberries, anyone? This black two-tier demetrios wedding gowns cake shows that even tiny confections can make a big impact. This mouthwatering dessert has a beautiful finish thanks to the elegant addition of blackberries to the top layer.

  • Foil of Gold

Gold foil flecks are used on the outer layer fondant of a black wedding cake. This subtle design trick will give your cake a metallic shimmer that can be seen from all angles. Your cake will be memorable with additional elements such as colored sugar flowers.

  • Black Tulle

Although technically it is not a black wedding cake, this elegant idea is perfect for an elegant black-tie event. A white wedding cake is an option if you aren’t sold on the all-black theme. You can then bring in the dark hue by using a black cake topper and black tulle around the center. You will find the final product almost too beautiful to eat.

  • Pop Culture Influences

This black Star Wars-themed cake is our favorite. It features a cake topper that was inspired by some of the most famous characters from the film. The cake is elevated by a gold wire stand that allows for it to be seen from all angles. You can personalize your wedding cake with motifs from your favorite TV or movie.

  • Colorful Base Tier

There’s no reason why a black wedding cake shouldn’t be playful. The four-tier towering dessert features three layers of black fondant ribbon with a cascading black fondant ribbon at the top. But it’s the bottom that really stands out. The playful contrast between the glittery tiers is provided by the white base and colorful Confetti Print.

  • Black Cupcakes

You can upgrade your dessert table by providing a wide range of sweets for your guests. This couple chose to have small cakes and cupcakes with matching red and black frosting. There’s no way to have too many desserts at your wedding.

Black Ribbons

Are you feeling indecisive or unsure? A black and white wedding cake is the best choice. This white buttercream cake is adorned with elegant red roses and sleek black ribbons.

Art Deco Pattern

Your color scheme can be incorporated into your wedding cake to make it feel more like part of your theme. This Art Deco cake is a favorite, with its square tiers and metallic pattern. The perfect color combination for a 1920s-inspired wedding entertainment or New Year’s Eve is silver, black, and gold.