Here are 12 Tips to Help You Choose a Wedding Cake

Here are 12 Tips to Help You Choose a Wedding Cake

You’re engaged! Congratulations! Now you’re busy planning the wedding that is right for you. How do you pick the right wedding cake for your big day? There are many options for wedding cakes. They come in many sizes and different fillings. You can also choose from a variety of decorations. It is easy to see how choosing the right wedding cake design can seem overwhelming.

We have 12 great tips that will help you choose the right wedding cake design for your wedding.

Design is important.

You should choose your cake only after you have styled your wedding. Although you may believe you know what kind of wedding dress you want to wear, you should not be rigid about the style and design you envision. Many people make a change in their mind about the style of their wedding dresses after they have tried them on. This can have a significant impact on the overall style of the wedding.

After you have chosen the wedding dress and venue, don’t make any decisions about your wedding cake selections. This will allow you to be completely clear on the type of wedding cake that will best fit your celebration.

Take your time

Wedding cakes can be complex and require orders several weeks to months in advance depending on how complicated the design. Do not wait to order your wedding cake. It will only make you disappointed.

Establish a budget

Wedding cakes can be expensive. Make sure you do your research to determine a budget that will allow you to purchase the wedding cake of your dreams. You might consider having your wedding cake served as dessert at your wedding breakfast if your budget is tight. You will save money by not having to pay for a meal with the caterers. You can increase your budget for wedding cakes by spending less on desserts.

Find the right cake maker

It is crucial to find the right wedding cake maker. Before you hire someone to design your wedding cake, make sure you look at their past work. Many wedding cake designers will specialize in something different, from more traditional cakes to unusual ones.

Ask your favorite cake maker to arrange a consultation. This will allow you to see past cakes that they have created. Good cake makers will be creative and able to help you choose a design that suits your wedding.

Select YOUR favorite flavours

Do not let your family or friends pressure you into selecting the flavours that they prefer, instead of the ones you like. Your wedding is your day and your cake should reflect that.

Taste test

If you’ve never used this cake baker before, you should always taste-test the flavors you choose for your wedding cake. Your wedding cake should taste as good as its appearance.

Take into consideration allergies

One layer of cake or one small extra can be made for guests who have food allergies. This is particularly important if your wedding cake will be the dessert course.

Check the colour coordination by taking a swatch

Don’t forget to bring some ribbons and decorations with you when you meet your cake designer. To ensure that your wedding cake looks stunning, take photos of the venue and dress.

Add something extra to make it even more special

You should carefully consider the topper you choose for your wedding cake. The topper is the most important part of your wedding cake. It should reflect you and your partner. We recommend that you choose a cake topper that tells the story of your relationship. Wedessence has great advice for choosing the right cake topper.

Match the number of people you invite to your cake size

What size wedding cake do I need? If you are only planning on having an intimate wedding, don’t order a large wedding cake. You will end up throwing it away. You should choose a size that corresponds to the number of people attending your wedding. The top tier can be saved for an anniversary celebration, or as a christening cake.

Use icing that is appropriate for the weather

Make sure you choose a weather-appropriate icing to decorate your wedding cake. Although chocolate butter icing might be your favorite, it will not last long on the wedding cake if you’re getting married at the height of summer on a Greek island.

Have a detailed delivery plan

Many professional wedding cake designers offer delivery and setup services. This is a great option and will save you a lot of stress. If you’re collecting your wedding cake by yourself, make sure you have the right packaging and boxes for transporting it. Also, get help putting the tiers together.

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