Baxter Black “Cowboy Wedding”

My first question when a Cowboy Wedding friend tells me that he is getting married is “Does she have any job?”

This particular wedding was held in Arizona’s pines. It was a surprise to me that such an inept group of misfits would be seen again. The 2020 presidential candidates were also born. However, whatever the magic, they are still married and she still has a job.

Two things cowboys are afraid of are being stranded on the ground and getting married to a decent woman. Recently, I attended a cowboy wedding where the bridegroom found his wife to be a decent woman. This wedding celebrant was not the typical “walk down the aisle and kiss the bride” type. This was the result of the merging of two Arizona ranching family, complete with rings made from barb wire and a fiddle playing “Here Comes the Bride” and mosquitoes.

Families had spent weeks preparing everything. They set up a tent in the meadow three days before the main event for the dance and reception. The tent was blown down by a huge storm. It looked like a woman sitting on a roll-away mattress when it fell.

All the bridesmaids looked stunning in long gowns. However, the groomsmen presented a completely different picture. It was almost like putting croutons onto a cow pie by putting a suit on one of these Cowboy Wedding. They were all dressed in gray suit coats and bandanas by the sisters.

Their condition may have been partly due to the 48-hour bachelor party that preceded the wedding. The groom was pushed around like a NASA astronaut moonwalker on the wedding gift day. He was not allowed to sleep and his blood alcohol level was below “extremely inflammable” with permission from the bride.

It was the appointed hour. The priest stood up and said that although this was not a typical Catholic wedding (he was wearing a sportshirt and jogging shoes), it was legal.

Everyone and there were many of them – sat down in the cove with a lagoon as a backdrop. It was as if God had created this spot for the catskill weddings.

It rained a bit, but it didn’t matter. The bride was beautiful. She stood out in an asphalt parking lot like a penguin.

Father was asked by the priest who gave this woman matrimony. He answered, “Her mother, I and the Valley Bank.” The moment came to seal the vows. When the time came to kiss the bride and groom, they ate their food and got down to business.

We played “Walkin’ the Dog” at the bride’s request as the wedding gifts party marched on. It was fitting because Billy’s old dog Bronc captured the bouquet.

A Cowboy Wedding A Western Bridal Bouquet

Jack and Valerie invite everyone to celebrate the big day together with them and other characters from A Cowboy Wedding. It will feel more like their big week with plenty of happenings at the Slash-C Ranch, and around Knighton in Wyoming. There are also romances with other characters if you’ve ever read The Rancher Meets His Match, a series set in Bardville, Wyoming. Also, if you’ve ever read A New World, a romance set in Massachusetts, you’ll see that there is a prequel to Jack’s Heart, where Jack and Valerie first meet.

It will be a big party with romance and intrigue and a chance to see some of my favourite characters again. A Cowboy Wedding is a favorite among readers (based on 5-star reviews).

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