Chrissy Teigen Reveals She Bought Five Wedding Dresses

John Legend married Chrissy Teigen. It was everything you could have hoped for. The couple, soon to be celebrating seven years of marriage celebrated a number of unexpected events, including a four-hour delay in the ceremony. They embraced the challenges and turned them into positives in the typical Teigen-Legend fashion.

Chrissy Teigen Bought Five Wedding Dresses

Teigen, the first to admit she is anxious, tweeted in May that she had bought five wedding gowns in the run-up to her wedding. After a fan posted that Teigen was once seen at Barneys, she admitted to buying a Celine bag in order to “not feel guilty about asking for the bathroom.” The fan added: “I knew that I loved you before, but that strengthened it.” Teigen replied in the affirmative. Teigen replied, “Wowowowowow anyone who knows me knows that this is very true all the time,” which was confirmed by her friend on Instagram.

Teigen’s friend commented, “Sot of like the time you bought 5 wedding gowns that you didn’t wear because you felt guilty about trying them on. Which is exactly why I LOVE TRYING ON wedding dress.” “THOSE WENT to GREAT HOMES,” replied the Sports Illustrated model.

Teigen wore three Vera Wang gowns at their wedding: a full-skirted ballgown to the ceremony, a figure hugging mermaid silhouette at dinner and a red trumpet dress at the reception.

The Ceremony was delayed for four hours

It was difficult to throw a destination wedding. Teigen didn’t expect that Legend’s family members would be delayed for hours due to travel issues. The couple decided to wait until their loved ones could attend the ceremony, which naturally had a domino effect throughout the day.

Teigen told The Knot that “[the guests] enjoyed a lot more cocktails because the ceremony was about four hours late.” Teigen said in 2017. “Yeah… some of our family missed their flight. Because everyone wanted to keep it secret, the flight was cancelled. They didn’t want me to be stressed out. It was all a lot, however.

Chrissy Teigen: What She Would Change From Her Wedding

Teigen stated to The Knot, when asked what she would change if she had the time back, that she would like to be able to write more meaningful vows. I swear to God. She said that she wanted to marry again because she wants to honor my vows. “I was very anxious. I am a great writer. This is what I pride myself in. However, I felt so anxious and rushed that I didn’t write them as I would normally.

Local wedding vendors provided a lot of help to the couple

Teigen and Legend wanted to include as much local food as possible in their wedding to make it more memorable for their guests. Many of their guests flew from far away to be there. The model suggested that guests should eat at small, intimate, local restaurants. It will not only make your guests feel more at ease, but it also makes the event seem more casual, friendly, and relatable than going to a big catered affair in a ballroom. People really enjoy going to a local Italian restaurant and being with the people of the area. That is something I believe people truly appreciate.”

Teigen said that the couple worked with local vendors as well as a planner in Italy to execute their big day. She said, “Make sure you get a planner who is familiar with destination weddings, as there are many language barriers.” It’s difficult to find vendors. You can also get discounts if there’s someone in the area that’s able. It’s unlikely that someone will be able to offer you discounts on florals or tables if they are moving to a new area. You’ll save a lot of money if you get to know someone.