Tungsten Carbide rings: The Complete Guide

Most people think of platinum or gold when they think about wedding bands. A new material that is becoming more popular on the market is neither gold nor platinum, and it’s far cheaper than either of them. The best option for you if you are looking for something bold and original is tungsten Carbide rings.

Roxanna Rector, senior merchandiser at Blue Nile, says that tungsten carbide ring of the highest quality contain at least 80 percent. This combination creates rings that are strong and hypoallergenic that are tarnish-resistant. They will also last a lifetime.

Are you interested in guide to learning more about tungsten-carbide rings? Learn more about tungsten carbide ring and how to maintain them.

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The pros and cons of Tungsten Carbide ring

Tungsten carbide ring are very versatile. These affordable New Wedding Band rings are much cheaper than platinum or gold, and are hypoallergenic as well as being scratch and tarnish-resistant. Tungsten carbide, a durable and hard material, can be polished almost indefinitely.

There are some drawbacks to buying a tungsten¬† carbide blades ring. There is a possibility that your supplier might offer a ring with less purity than 80 percent. Rector also notes that the ring’s natural hardness makes it susceptible to cracking when dropped on hard surfaces like concrete or marble.

Because tungsten is not malleable like gold it cannot be resized. Rector states that tungsten carbide rings can’t be resized. However, they are heavier than platinum. This can be a plus for some people depending on their preference.

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What to look for in a Carbide Ring

As we have already mentioned, it is important to buy a tungsten-carbid ring that is at least 80 percent tungsten.

How do I know if the ring has high quality? Rector states that this purity is 10x more hard than 18k Gold and weighs in at a substantial and luxurious weight, comparable to platinum. Sometimes, sellers will substitute tungsten with a costly filler. This can cause the integrity and value of the ring’s integrity to decrease.

Are tungsten carbide ring resizable? The tungsten carbide rings cannot be resized because they are so hard. She suggests that you consider buying both your regular size and a half-size up, and keeping the one that suits you best. A ring that is 6mm wide or larger may require a slightly larger size. This is due to the amount of your finger the band will cover.

How to Care For a Tungsten Carbide Ring

Tungsten carbide rings require very little maintenance because they are so strong. Rector states that the best way to take care of Tungsten rings is not to drop them on concrete or marble. They can crack and become difficult to washer repair.

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