This is the average “Ring Size” for men and women

Many married couples wear their wedding rings even while they are at home. The right fit is crucial for your engagement and wedding rings to be a part of your daily life. Below are the average ring sizes for men and women. We also have tips on how to measure your own ring size.

Men’s Average Ring Size

Sylvie Levine (founder and designer of Sylvie Collection) says that men’s rings sizes can vary between eight and fifteen and that the ring size on the dominant hand he writes with will always be approximately half the size. She considers size 10 to be the “stock” size for men. Rings for men are usually thicker. Men may need larger rings to be able to remove the ring easily each day.

Levine says that the best thing for a man to do before getting sized is to choose the type of ring he wants. Men’s rings come in more styles and metals than those for women. These include cobalt, titanium, and tungsten. The engagement rings size can be affected by how each metal fits or looks.

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Average Ring Size for Women

According to the Gemological Institute of America, a six-size ring is the standard size for a woman. You should also consider how your fingers can swell in different seasons, such as summer. It’s best not to rush to size your finger if your fingers feel swollen. Bring your favorite ring to the jeweler, so they can determine what level of comfort and fit you want in a band.

Here’s what you need to know about ring size charts

Levine states that the best way to size is to use a physical, ring-sized ring made of sturdy plastic or metal. If you need to use a chart at home, try to utilize one that displays whole- size, half-size, and one-quarter-of-a-size options so you know your exact measurements.

Levine warns that it is best to use a printable ring scaler, a cloth measuring stick, or a string to measure your finger. Multiple charts can help you determine a consistent size. To ensure consistency in sizing, you should have at least two different ring sizes from different sources before you share it with your jeweler.

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Here are some tips to measure your ring sizes at home

Your best time to measure your finger for a ring? Before you eat or drink anything. If your weight fluctuates a lot, size your ring at your lowest weight. Levine says that if your weight tends decrease rather than increase, size your ring early in the morning or after you have eaten.

Levine suggests that you size up to three times for different days, as sizes can change due to weather conditions and what you eat. Keep in mind that ring sizes will increase in summer due to the heat. If you’re in between or have doubts, always wear a winter finest engagement rings.

Before you get sized, wash your hands of any oils or lotions. To increase accuracy, heat your hands and rub them together. Only present the finger you intend to wear your ring on when you sit for a sizing. You might have a dominant hand that is slightly larger than the other, so don’t assume that one will be equal.

Levine states that your finger shape is a major factor in determining the size of your ring and the shape of the diamond. It is important to measure your knuckles when sizing your ring. If you have large hands, the ring should be able to slide comfortably over your knuckles and not slip off. A wider band is better for those with long, slim fingers.

A wider band will always be a little snugger and tighter. Levine says that it is best to increase a quarter size when buying a larger ring. If you are looking for a ring that has a narrow band but you have a tendency to lose weight, consider buying a quarter-size smaller. However, ensure the Unique Wedding Bands for Men fits comfortably over your knuckles.

Levine doesn’t recommend that you resize your celebrity wedding rings if you need to after it has been purchased. This could cause damage to the setting of your stone, which could lead to it falling out.

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